Liftech Concrete Leveling is proud to call Saskatchewan home.

Liftech is a family owned and operated company, centrally located in Saskatoon.

Many people believe the only remedy for uneven concrete slabs is what pros in the business call "rip-and-repour," which means tearing out the old slab and pouring a new one—and spending a lot of time and money doing it. Removing old concrete, and pouring new, requires more time, labour and cost than concrete levelingIn addition to the time and cost saved, concrete leveling is far less disruptive to day to day activities and  the surrounding landscape.  When an existing slab is removed and replaced, it takes days for the new concrete to be usable.  New concrete is also subject to damage from weather, animals or unauthorized access for hours after it is placed.   They rope the new concrete off and hope some kid doesn't drive his bicycle into it in the meantime.

With mudjacking or polyurethane lifting, there is no waiting for the concrete to cure. Within minutes you are able to walk or even drive on it. Once the concrete leveling is complete, both the concrete slab and the soil beneath it will be more structurally sound.  Another benefit of our processes are that they are more environmentally friendly than removing and replacing concrete. Good concrete should never end up in a landfill, our landfills are already overwhelmed with garbage and trash. If the primary concern is uneven or improperly sloped concrete, repairing the old slab is preferable to pouring new concrete. Concrete Leveling is a viable alternative to the old rip-and-repour mantra.



Do you have a sunken Driveway, Sidewalk or Patio?  We can help!

Liftech Concrete Leveling offers both traditional mudjacking as well as a high density polyurethane engineered specifically for the concrete leveling industry. With technological advances in the industry, polyurethane offers many benefits that are not available with traditional mudjacking. Both techniques are effective but each can have advantages over the other in specific applications.

T and R Wilson -- Saskatoon

After exploring the option of breaking the entire patio out and pouring new concrete, it was quickly determined that the expense to have this work done did not make it a viable option. Therefore, we pursued alternatives.

I had heard of mudjacking but was not entirely familiar with the process until a neighbour had his driveway lifted and I saw with my own eyes something that I thought to be nothing short of a miracle! After receiving an estimate and realizing not only was it very affordable and was ensured that it would be possible to solve both problems quickly, it was an easy decision to book an appointment with Liftech.

Father and son team, Jim and Scott, were not only true to their word, their professionalism and attention to detail was outstanding from beginning to end. We sincerely could not be happier with the end result and will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone experiencing problems with sunken concrete.

Thanks again Jim and Scott for a job well done!

Karen -- Martensville Sk.

We just wanted to thank you again for the great job bringing up our sidewalk at our front door.  We are so glad we did not listen to the advice given to us, to rip it out and start again.  We would have had weeks of work. the mess, and not be able to use the front door.  Your price was so reasonable,  one afternoon and no mess!  Thank you so much.  We would certainly recommend you.

Terry & Sandy -- Saskatoon Sk.

The concrete driveway and front sidewalk of our house are over 25 years old and began cracking and slowly sinking some years ago. With the rain and recent wetter years, it actually accelerated the sinking process with the concrete slabs falling away or into the house foundation. We did not relish the thought of the costly replacement our large driveway and front sidewalk. We were aware of mud jacking but did not realize how advanced it has become while being very reasonable in terms of cost and effort. The Liftech family father/son team did a great job in repairing our concrete woes and delivered as promised on time and on budget, with no fuss and no mess in less than a day. These guys know their stuff and left us as satisfied customers.

Thanks Jim and Scott.

Barry & Ann Marie -- Saskatoon Sk.

Thank you so much for the great job of levelling our garage floor. The process was so much better than the alternative of replacing the entire cement pad.  Your service was extremely professional and we really appreciated how your crew completely cleaned up after the work was done.  You efforts to meet our tight time schedule was very much appreciated. Great service complimented your great work effort along with a reasonable price, what more can we say, but thanks.  Already had a neighbour enquire about the work done and we recommended you highly.

Thank you so very much.
Barry & Ann Marie Smith

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