Mudjacking can be used for most any flat concrete slab. In a residential application patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, concrete interior floors are all good examples of it’s uses.



Accounts of raising large concrete slabs through the use of hydraulic pressure go back almost a century, and this practice has been in common use for about 50 years.  Although this procedure isn't as well known in Western Canada, it is a common repair practice in similar climates around the world.  It is a cheaper alternative to having replacement concrete poured, and is a fast and cost effective solution for both commercial and residential applications.

Mudjacking is the process of injecting a cement mortar or sand and clay slurry under a concrete slab to lift, level and support it.  Holes are drilled into the concrete slab to be lifted then a slurry is pumped through these holes under pressure, filling any voids under the slab.  When the voids are filled, the slurry becomes pressurized and raises the slab hydraulically to the desired height. Finally the holes are patched with concrete, which seals and blends the holes into the original slab.  The exact ingredients pumped may vary depending on the unique conditions of each project. Mudjacking can be used in a variety of both residential and commercial applications.  We can repair projects ranging in size from a small sidewalk section, a patio, pool deck or concrete slabs as large as airport runway sections.

Our work is done with little or no disruption to normal activities in the area, is done in hours not days and at a fraction of the cost of replacing the concrete.  Concrete leveling will raise the old cracked or tilted slab back to its original position, and create a new foundation preventing further settling. This will eliminate the need to replace the concrete.

Mudjacking problem concrete can eliminate unnecessary costs and lost time due to spills or accidents caused by an uneven concrete slab, helping to maintain a safer environment for workers and the public.


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