Our Residential Mudjacking Services Include:

​​​  • Driveway leveling and stabilizing

​  • Sidewalk leveling and stabilizing

​  • Step and Porch leveling and stabilizing

​  • Patio leveling and stabilizing

  • ​Garage floor leveling and stabilizing

​  • Void filling

​  • Curb leveling and stabilizing

​  • Stabilizing of leaning or sunken buildings and structures

​The process takes a few hours to complete, and your concrete slab should be ready for regular use again within hours after the work is finished. Besides the ease with which mudjacking raises and levels your sinking concrete slabs, it's also much cheaper than replacing them with newly poured concrete. In fact, mudjacking costs a third to half as much as putting in a new slab. If you're still not impressed, keep in mind that figure doesn't account for demolition and removal of the old slab, which can be costly in and of itself. With those kind of cost benefits, it's easy to see why concrete leveling has become the concrete repair method of choice when it comes to raising concrete that has settled and sunk into the ground.


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