Our Residential Polyurethane Lifting Services Include:

​​​  • Driveway leveling and stabilizing

​  • Sidewalk leveling and stabilizing

​  • Step and Porch leveling and stabilizing

​  • Patio leveling and stabilizing

  • ​Garage floor leveling and stabilizing

  • ​​Basement floor leveling and stabilizing

​  • Void filling

​  • Curb leveling and stabilizing

​  • Stabilizing of leaning or sunken buildings and structures

If you have pooling water by your foundation are you, or should you be worried about your basement...Water always takes the path of least resistance which in many cases can lead to water draining into your basement. If your sidewalk or patio is sloped properly the water will drain away from your house instead of pooling and then finding its way down and into your living space.

Polyurethane foam is impervious to moisture. When lifting concrete with polyurethane it will flow into existing channels created by water that has found its way through your foundation and in most cases will seal these channels preventing future water problems. ​


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